I have to admit I really hate “about” pages: It’s hard finding the balance between a constant brag about your life achievements and a short detached list of interests. This is not considering the difficulty of self description, but when you read my blog I understand you briefly jump into my life so I think it’s fair to you to give a little background to what you are reading.

My name is Daniele Rapagnani, I have been interested in computer science since the age of six when I managed to put my hands on a copy of Visual Basic, trying (and I bet a lot of you are sharing this with me) to make the best game of all times.

My first computer was a ZX Spectrum connected to an old amber phosphor TV monitor, and I can assure you that amberish images hunted my dreams for a long time.
One day, my father told me that the ZX Spectrum actually had colors! Not three! Not four! But eight wonderful colors when connected to a color TV.
I still remember myself trying to guess what were the colors the developer choose for all the different game elements, was that column blue? And what about that wall?
This is the kind of imagery with which i grew up: I needed to make games to recall all those emotions and I needed them to be filled with robots and huge explosions and great adventures.

To the point where I’m standing right now I often find myself wondering about computer science, as well as other fields of science, and their weak bonding with reality and human empathy as opposed to the undeniable charm the order and complexity they unveil has on my mind.
I’m also a musician. I started to write music even before I started programming and because of this I learned to seek for my very own visions.
Today I believe I need to direct my attention toward the use of my knowledge as a mean of artistic expression, whether with game development or in any other form I can come up with.

Ok, enough sharing for today, time for the detached list of interests…

I’m interested in:

  • Cats
  • Close-upĀ  Magic
  • Low Calories
  • Night
  • Body-Mind Relationship
  • Unusuality
  • Pseudoscientific Theories
P3 phosphor

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