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AlephOne PSP on the official AlephOne repository

My AlephOne PSP port (both the old 1.5 kernel version and the new work in progress version) has been recently committed to the AlephOne repository. Congratulations! You now have the chance to sneak peak the new port, how cool is that?.

Not much is the answer. Development on the port has been idle for a while for two different reasons: life and a nasty bug.
Considering that  I don’t know (yet) how to fix life (but if you do, please leave a comment with your suggestions), I’m left to deal with the nasty bug that seems to be… well, very nasty.

If you, oh reader, have some kind of programming knowledge and want to give an hand, you can extract some informations on the issue from the first pages of this post on the pfhorums. But be warned, the lack of proper debugging tools on the PSP will make the experience quite unpleasant.

If you want, you can browse the source for the new port from here or do a checkout with:

svn co https://marathon.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/marathon/ports/psp/trunk alephone-psp

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