This is a really old website that I still had laying around since some people still seem to be interested in the files I'm serving here.
Given that quite a few script kiddies have taken this to be their hacking playground I've finally decided to convert the old blog into a simple (minimal?), old school, static webpage. Sorry kids! Go play on HTB!
I'm keeping everything as it was, even if most if it probably makes no sense anymore. Enjoy!

About Me

I'm Daniele Rapagnani, a 22 years old computer science enthusiast and musician (for what it's worth...). I also have a very faint perception of my person and so I hate writing short descriptions of myself.


This is a little software I made a long time ago because I needed an easy way on Windows to scan for files in a directory and to output their names in a plain text file.

This is basically what it does, more features were added later on though:


Kanji Trainer

My girlfriend needed an easy way to improve her kanji skills while studying for her japanese exam: what a perfect chance to prove her that all those geek-talks are sometimes useful! (but arguing at a resturant about the difference between digital and analog is not.)

Kanji Trainer is the result of this terrible attempt to boost my ego: a simple, extensible, software that picks a kanji at random and lets you guess its meaning (whether in your mind or by text).
The software keeps also track of the average answer time and shows the kanji's pronunciation.

It is far from complete or bug free (in fact, it has many) but I’m keeping it here because someone may still find it useful, so don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you!

Kanji Trainer is available in Italian (18-27 modules) and English (18-22 modules). The modules are all based on the book “Corso di Lingua Giapponese per Italiani” by prof. Saito Mariko.

Download ITA Download ENG

Marathon 2: Durandal PSP

I’ve started to port Aleph One again from scratch at the end of April 2010, quite some work has been done, check the blog as I plan to post a work log there.

I’ve always been a Marathon fan, it was one of the first games I’ve played as a kid on my Macintosh LC III and I instantly fell in love with it!
Still today I think it is one of the few games that managed to blend so many great elements in such a seamless way creating a unique atmosphere.
Considering my emotional attachment I wanted to be able to play it everywhere, so porting it to the PSP seemed like a good idea.
It was. But it took far more time than I’ve expected because of my poor knowledge of the PSP kernel/system and of the AlephOne source code.

As a result the port I have done so far is much more of a beta even if it allows you to play Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity from start to end without losing much of the original enjoyment (I tested it personally).

The biggest limitation is that this runs on Kernel 1.50 only (that is always more of a problem on today’s custom firmwares) but it has been reported to work with LEDA.
Originally a Kernel > 1.50 version was planed but given the cold response of the PSP community my motivation slowly faded away into other projects, but I deeply thank anyone that sent me words of appreciation for this project, it really means a lot to me.

System Requirements

NOTE: High resolution must be manually activated in the options or in-game (pressing L+R+TRIANGLE)

Download Marathon 2 Download Marathon Infinity Download Source